Who are we?

Reshaping Logistics with Data and Design

We are a KSA-based joint venture launched in June 2022 by SPL - Logistics & Postal services provider and RAI Digital - Digital Product & Venture building arm of RAI , a multinational professional services firm.

We believe that there are infinite opportunities to build digital solutions across Logistics and adjacent industries, predicated on harnessing the power of data and platforms. Tapping into an ecosystem of world-class leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, we apply innovation, strategy, design, and data to transform businesses, drive growth and orchestrate digital product and venture creation.

Why do we exist?

To disrupt the approach to transformation and creating ‘Right to Win Logistic’ solutions that make living better, our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technologies and data analytics, collaborates with world-class leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses, and is dedicated to constantly innovating and evolving our strategies to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

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What do we aspire to be?

Our goal is to become a globally recognized Digital Logistics pioneer and unicorn builder, revolutionizing the industry with innovative, data-driven solutions that create market-leading digital products and ventures and positively impact people's lives worldwide.

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Areas of Expertise

At Infinite pl, we specialize in making a difference in industries that matter to you. Our team of experts has the solutions you need to thrive. We're constantly expanding our horizons and seeking out new opportunities to make an impact in other industries. Our goal is to drive positive change and deliver excellent results, every time.

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Infinite pl was conceived with logistics etched into its very DNA. We have deep experience and expertise in Logistics as a Domain. This, coupled with the rich experience of our team in delivering world class customer experiences powered by data and digital platforms, allows us to build Logistics-anchored solutions with infinite potential.


Our capability in healthcare is anchored in technical experience and expertise of our doctors, data scientists, consultants, and transformation professionals that, combined, create a synergistic team that can breathe life into our life saving products and solutions.


A digital logistics pioneer needs to be aware of and focus on arguably the largest sub-segment of logistics which is e-commerce. As such, Infinite pl has carved out a robust capability in this space to build value-add solutions, tools, and enablers within the realm of e-commerce. Our team of serial entrepreneurs, logistics subject matter experts, and e-commerce guru’s help us craft value that our customers can access, at the click of a button.

Digital Government

Digital government is the fuel that moves the economic needle in KSA. Logistics is the vehicle that drives progress between industries. To that effect, we have assembled a team of professionals with decades of experience working with local and regional government to craft cutting edge innovation-driven programs, products, and ventures focused on transforming citizen experience and driving improvement in government services.


The design and build of value-add and innovative products is heavily underpinned by a core consulting capability; one anchored in deep expertise in conceptual design and operationalization specialities that equip us to ideate disruptive ideas, practically design how they’d function in reality, and operationalize those designs into something real and tangible our customers can see, touch, and interact with.
Our consulting capability also spans depths of expertise in technology and transformation which not only enables us to build game changing solutions, but also advise our customers on how to best navigate their digital transformations to become more digitally native, unlock the value of data, and drive realization of tangible outcomes.


Innovation a focal point of criticality for infinite pl. It provides the bedrock of our culture but also the fuel to light the fire behind the products we build and services we provide. Our team of experience innovators have designed and operated leading start-up accelerators, mentored some of the top start-ups in the region, and even established their own innovation driven enterprises. Through them, we are equipped to drive a culture of innovation inside Infinite PL while also harnessing the potential of formal engagement with external start-ups whom we work with to build new innovative products to solve local market problems.

Venture Building

Great ideas, need great products to bring them to life. The greatest products need dedicated vehicles for growth. For us, those are Ventures. Our team of integrated product managers and venture architects have conceived countless products wrapped in new independent ventures. Their combined capabilities allow infinite pl to craft new ventures on our own, or in partnership with others that have an innovative-driven solution that sits at the heart of it.


Data is the prime currency for infinite pl. It is what drives our day-to-day operations, informs us on what to build next, and equips us to best advise our clients and better serve our customers. Our team’s deep expertise in data, data analytics, health informatics, programming, and digital transformation converge to create a Data Capability that allows infinite pl to unlock the value of data in everything we do.

Product Management

Great ideas require great management, specifically product management. Without that, ideas will forever remain ideas. Infinite pl has cemented its product capability through assembling a team of talented product managers that have led product creation and management for global companies and start-ups alike. Through them, we ensure every idea we conceive is nurtured into a true, iterative product that is relentlessly focused on the customer and delivering value (and satisfaction) to them.